Chihuahua kennel **** From the island Ouburg ****

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chihuahua Blue Moon
chihuahua Dario
chihuahua Ferero
chihuahua Babelutte
chihuahua Calimera
chihuahua El Vanchito
Sonia De Cock & Brittania,Brooklyn,Bolero
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Chihuahua puppies smooth coat and long hair with pedigree for sale.
We export chihuahua puppies to the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden,
Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Hawaii, Abu Dhabi, Monaco, Mozambique, England,
Russia, Scotland, Egypt, Jordan and Japan.

Puppies for sale

Update: November 7th, 2017

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  lavender long hair bitch
lavender long hair bitch


Chihuahua kennel **** From the island Ouburg ****

chihuahua Allegria
Sonia De Cock
Oude Heirbaan 21
Dendermonde (Belgium)

GPS lat 5101'03" - long 404'04"

Tel (GSM): 0496 87 73 69
Tel : 052 21 83 52

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